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Ecological and Social Sustainability

ADLER committs to ecological and social sustainability

With the support of social projects, we want to help others and motivate people to follow our example.

Because we believe: Companies and everyone who’s good should as part of the society take responsibility for it.



First textile retail chain sets a sign for fair trade 
Saarbrücken, 12. April 2010:

Since Monday the Fairtrade-town Saarbrücken belongs to one of 125 cities in Germany, Austria and Luxemburg in which customers of Adler Modemaerkte can buy T-Shirts made from Fairtrade-cotton.

Thereby Adler is the first textile retail chain in Germany which permanently bets on fair trade in its collection. “It is especially in the textile and cotton industry important to set a sign for social responsibility”, says Dieter Overath CEO of TRASFAIR. “With the implementation by Adler the life conditions of a lot of cotton farmer families in India can be improved.

Sustainability Report 2017 
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